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VerTek, LLC is a full service telecommunications contracting partner and our team of strong, seasoned professionals can execute your projects: from preliminary planning and engineering to construction and construction management , testing, activation, and completion. We start with a detailed strategy based on accurate data and collaborate with your teams on a regular basis to execute your projects safely, professionally, on time, and on budget. 

Communication is Key


Our clients become part of TEAM VERTEK and we work with all parties to meet deadlines and coordinate all work orders and tasks. We maintain open communications, and keep you up to date on the status of your job. We do this to guarantee that the project is completed as per contract.

Satisfaction Guaranteed


 VerTek takes pride in guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction on every project. Our brand is built on integrity and honesty, values people believe in and trust. VerTek delivers the results customers expect, and that is our promise to you. Our goal is not simply to succeed, but to build customer relationships by proving that we care about every detail of every project. Our brand demonstrates dependability, excellence, quality, and the ability to evolve with modern technology. 

VerTek Telecom and Broadband Services



Professionally certified, VerTek has the skills and abilities to support legacy and modern telecommunications technologies and projects.

Design & Engineering


We supply the technical  talent for today's network and infrastructure challenges. 

Analysis, Documentation, Design & Engineering for all phases of cable contracting, construction management, and fiber construction.



With safety in mind, our crews build, maintain, and repair aerial and underground projects, whether coax or fiber.

PMO & Staffing


PMO & Staffing Our project managers take charge to document, communicate, schedule and, above all, meet the contract. We can provide: Admins, Field Supervisors, Coordinators, QC Inspectors, Project Managers,, and Warehouse staff. 

Leadership Development


Our industry leaders are available for Project Management, Leadership Development and Motivational seminars. 

Through our association with SCTE and FranklinCovey, we provide certified trainers to develop your staff.

Emergency Response

image by David Mark from Pixabay

 Our Emergency Response Teams are ready to deploy on a moment's notice. We launch communications, logistics, aide and assessment crews.

A Safety Director and Construction Manager are sent to collaborate with FEMA, Utility Companies, and your teams to dispatch crews, and restore system operations while guaranteeing personal safety. 


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